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Beyblade the Movie: Decisive Battle! Takao VS Daichi (Sub)

Watch Beyblade the Movie: Decisive Battle! Takao VS Daichi full movie online English Sub
Other title: Bakuten Shoot Beyblade the Movie: Gekitou!! Takao vs. Daichi
Synopsis: The Bladebreakers are on a well deserved vacation. But, a hyperactive kid named Daichi continues to pursue Tyson for a rematch after his defeat in the Beyblade World Championships. The Bladebreakers’ vacation eventually takes a turn for the worst once they encounter mysterious Beybladers who claim to be the Dark Spirits sealed inside a strange temple. With Daichi under their control, the Shadow Bladers seek to destroy the world with their Dark BitBeasts. Together, Tyson, Max, Ray, and Kai must save not only Daichi… but the world as well…
More info: Myanimelist, Wikipedia.

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